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A frightening 300-year-old legend comes to life when fairy and elf children suddenly disappear from the peaceful Kingdom of Knownotten. A unique cat with a magical power faces grave danger when he stands up to an evil wizard to solve the mystery and protect the kingdom.
Topaz and his companions face serious challenges when they enter a forbidden land ruled by an angry witch in search of the stolen mystical stone that could cure the great owl's mysterious ailment.
An award-winning new classic about the struggles and misadventures of  a young green fairy who teams up with a cat who possesses a unique magical power in a bold attempt to save his people.
About the Series: Topaz the Conjure Cat Books

These cleverly woven and original tales of a mystical Yellow Conjure Cat, his friends and the magical land they live in will captivate anyone who loves mystical stories of high adventure. The reader is drawn into the incredible Kingdom of Knownotten and introduced to unforgettable characters. The classic fight of good vs. evil wages in a world inhabited by fairies, elves, gnomes, trolls, wizards and other mystical animals. These creatures coexist in a complex and beautiful land of peril and wonder. The author has crafted a genuinely pleasing and enchanting story, rich with suspense, humor, and tenderness.
These fantasy adventures are for parents as well as for children who wish to retreat into a world inhabited by mystical characters. Child and parent alike will be able to relate to the difficulties these characters must overcome to accomplish their objectives and yet remain true to heart.   
The most recent book in this series is Topaz and the Green Faires, winner of four book awards and the Literary Classics Seal of Approval.                                      
Sheena's Kiss is a beautifully illustrated, heartwarming, and inspiring story about a sweet German Shepherd who was abandoned by her owners and rescued by a loving family. They knew she was special and gave her an incredible new life with a new name: Sheena, which means "Gift from God." Adults will enjoy following Sheena on her journey as she shares her tale of hope, love, and compassion.