Black Canyon Family Festival

Wendy and I are lucky enough to have our picture taken with the time-honored APS Volunteer Clown Troupe at Black Canyon Heritage Park. These faithful volunteers take clowning seriously and make themselves available to appear at parades, hospitals, schools, sporting events and community organizations.

Creative Youngsters

A Wonderful Surprise

A few days ago, when checking my email, I opened one from someone whose name was unfamiliar. To my delight, I learned the email was sent by a mother of a youngster I met at the Prescott Arts and Craft Fair last fall. The email went on to say that Lauren was a second-grade student who was very excited to read my book, Topaz and the Evil Wizard for a book report in her Accelerated English Language Arts Class this year.

It pleased me to hear this, but when I saw the diorama Lauren created for the book report, my heart glowed.

The diorama is based on two scenes from the book:

1. A cave rescue that very cleverly shows a cross-section of the cave and what is taking place on two different levels of the cave at nearly the same time.

2. The magical battle that takes place between Topaz, our hero and the evil wizard called Dominance.

I recognized the characters at once and realized how well thought out the scenes were. I certainly hope Lauren received an 'A' for her work on the diorama. I will cherish it always.

Pat Frayne